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Hello Everyone,

My name is Mike and I own German Shepherd Decals.com.  I started out in the vinyl decal/wall art business approximately 10 years ago when I developed StickyWalls.com and have been creating the highest quality vinyl stickers and wall art on the market ever since!

My decision to enter the vinyl decal/wall art market started when my wife and I decided to “jazz up” the walls in our first house and then ultimately the walls in our kids rooms.  I scoured the internet for designs that I liked and could not find the right design.  After successfully creating designs that were visually appealing, I turned to the Internet to show the world my creations.

Howerver, as time passed, an increased amount of requests for dog related items and more specifically items that were breed specific started coming in.  That is when GermanShepherdDecals.com was created.  Why not provide happiness to people that are very excited about letting everyone know their affinity for the German Shepherd dog??  I worked feverishly with my wife on designs like the elves in Santa’s North Pole at Christmas time to create approximately 100 unique designs and then launched the site.

Additonally, I have implemented a whole website group (links are avaliable on this devoted to German Shepherds.  If you are looking for German Shepherd gifts including T-Shirts, License Plate Covers, plaques or anything in between…..you will probably be able to find it through this website.  Just for fun we even added our favorite videos about German Shepherds in several different categories.  This is first site on the internet that is dedicated to only one thing….German Shepherd Decals! We decided this would be the best way to provide our products to the True German Shepherd fans out there.

Take a look around….And always don’t be bashful about asking for something that is one of a kind for your beloved German Shepherd. We are always creating new designs to keep current customers happy and new customers coming to visit us.  Look forward to providing you great German Shepherd stickers now and into the future!

Thanks Again and God Bless,

Mike & Mary
Stickywalls.com dba German Shepherd Decals.com

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